Workers Compensation

Workers Comp Policy

why do i need a Workers Compensation policy?

Don’t take a chance on your company’s liability by skipping this important coverage. When an employee of your company is injured on the job, it could end up costing you a lot more than just the wages you’re paying them. Workers Compensation Insurance can help cover medical costs for the injured worker, temporary disability and lost wages.


What Does a Workers compensation Policy Cover?

Workers’ compensation insurance is known as workman’s comp or workers’ comp. This insurance is intended to assist your workers financially if they are injured in or develop an illness because of their job. These benefits can pay off: they have aid for medical bills and losses, and in some cases can even guarantee a loss of wages.

It’s an essential addition to your small-business insurance package that covers all of your business’s staff and you from potential injuries. You have to get insurance coverage in most states once you hire your first employee.

Medical Expenses

Lost Wages

Disability Benefits

“Every company can benefit from having a policy to protect their employees from injury.”


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