Landscapers and Lawncare Contractors Don’t be caught without general liability insurance – learn why it’s so important!

Landscapers and Lawncare Contractors Don’t be caught without general liability insurance – learn why it’s so important!


Why You Can’t Afford To Skip Out On Landscaping Insurance

Careful as you are, misfortune may occur. For example, say one of your team members accidentally damages a customer’s sprinkler system or damages a neighbor’s fence? Or a customer trips over your power cable and injures themselves?. Should the injury or accident result in a claim or a lawsuit, you could end up being sued.

Such events are hard to predict. However, landscaping insurance can protect property owners, assets, and employees from such events.

The importance of insurance and why you need it

General liability insurance for landscapers and lawn care contractors can cost as little as $1,000 (depending on the coverage needed) and covers not only the above-described damages your client may suffer but also personal injuries. In addition, if your client files a case against you, even if you are entirely blameless, the insurance carrier will appoint a lawyer to defend you. Here are 3 reasons why you need insurance for your business:

1. Shows Business Maturity

As a business owner, you want to show your customers that you are dependable and trustworthy. Having a general liability insurance policy is precisely what you need to demonstrate your point. We’ll provide you with a certificate to provide you with proof that you have insurance.

2. Don’t Lose Everything: Protect Your Livelihood!

Liability claims can come from some of the most common business situations – and they can be costly for your business. For example, your company can be at a greater risk of liability claims if you or your employees: represent your business, meet with clients personally, and work on a client’s property.

3. Get The Big Contracts

In some instances, contracts require you to add people to your insurance liability policy, and they require unique language on the policy and certificates of insurance. Without insurance, you won’t be able to obtain any contracts.

Get a general liability insurance quote for your landscaping business today

We’re an experienced insurance agency, and we understand the unique risks your business may face. Our specialists will be here to help you receive the liability insurance coverage you need. Get your quote today!


Josh Mitchell
CEO Freedom Coverage Insurance